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Everyone can gain
Schools could also receive incentives to take part. They could be awarded grants funded by the scheme or a healthier school environment could even be linked to Ofsted grading. Older children could receive personal reward vouchers for reaching their weight targets.

Tackling the food industry, however, is a bigger challenge. The food industry is made up of profit-making organisations – it is not enough to just recommend change. Best Weight Loss Supplements For Women of 2022. Industry needs financial incentives but it also responds to customer demand – and the demand for healthier foods would increase under the voucher scheme.

Sugary drinks will be taxed in the UK as of 2018. Shutterstock
Much of the scheme would support itself financially, but any additional cost to the UK government would be more than offset by the long-term cost savings from reducing obesity. This system is about using government action to help make families become more aware of their lifestyle choices. It offers the potential for a joined-up approach – one that recognises the influence of the food and retail industry, and also offers financial support to schools and families.

Financial incentives have been shown to work – not just on smoking but also on changing consumption of foods – so much so that the UK government recently announced a sugar tax on drinks which is underway and proving successful in Mexico. The Best Fat Burner Pills For Women of 2022. The changes suggested here are merely an extended approach to the thinking behind this sugary-drink tax.

A more general approach to childhood obesity requires everyone to take responsibility for the health of children – families and businesses need real incentives to change behaviour. Fat Burning Pills For Women. And this could be a positive step towards a solution for society to tackle childhood obesity. After all, we should aim to give children the healthy future they deserve.

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