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To see how far this discrimination goes, my colleagues and I looked into whether even subtle weight gain within a healthy range of body mass index (BMI) could negatively affect employability.

We started with photographs of four men and four women, all with BMIs in the healthy/normal range (typically defined as 18.5 to 24.9). Best 2022’s Lose Belly Fat Fast Women Pills. We then used specialised software to add weight to their faces so that we created two versions of each person: a “normal” one and a “heavier” one. But whereas the heavier men’s faces put them in the overweight BMI range (25.0 to 29.9), the heavier women were still within a healthy range.

We showed these photographs to 120 participants and asked them to rate each face on employability across a scale of 1 to 7, with 1 the lowest and 7 the highest. Best Sellers in Fat Burning Pills For Women Over 40. Participants were told to assume these were job applicants who were all equally qualified for the position in question.

We showed the participants all the photographs twice. On the first pass they had to assume the position was for a customer-facing job such as a waiter, while in the second pass they had to assume it was for a non-customer facing job such as a chef in a kitchen. The #1 Best Good Fat Burning Pills Women. We assumed the participants would give the heavier faces a better score on the second pass than the first pass, given the absence of any customer interaction for the second role.

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